Our Vermicomposting Technology Harnesses the Power of Earthworms as Nutrient Bio-Reactors

  • Higher Nutrition - Better Growth
  • Our Worm Castings start with 100% Washington State Dept. of Ag Certified Organic compost
  • Not low quality wood waste and bark or feedlot manures containing high salts, antibiotics and medications that are passed thru the to the compost. *Some feedlot medications in manure will kill worms!   We like our worms.  (*See our Safety Issues section for more information on antibiotics and hormones in feedlot manures.)
  • Our Worms play a vital role during casting production in the decomposition and recombination of organic matter into available organic nutrients.
  • Our Custom Blend of primary, secondary and micro elements derived from natural sources like ground ocean kelp, seabed dolomite Cal/Mag, Ocean Solution Sea Minerals and high protein alfalfa meal significantly enhance our wormbed performance.
  • This Ensures our worms are fed a high nutrition natural mineral balanced diet allowing them to produce superior black castings with a full spectrum of available plant nutrients and beneficial micro-organisms            
  • Not all castings are created equal!
  • Our Live Castings contain a complete spectrum of nutrients in plant available forms as nitrates, phosphates, exchangeable calcium, soluble potassium, humid acid, fulvic acidall secondary and micro-elements along with worm enhanced beneficial microbe populations needed for healthy vibrant plant growth.
  • Live Worm Castings have a large particulate surface area that provides countless microsites for key beneficial microbial activity such as disease prevention and nutrient breakdown for sustained release to the root zone.
    • Pest and Disease Suppression
    • University research trials have clearly demonstrated suppression of a wide range of plant pests due to increase in specific enzymes and other biological modes of action in fresh live worm castings
    • Testing has shown that several micro-organisms found in fresh live worm castings work as effective repellants for a large array of insects. A key element for insect repellency is the level of chitinase. Chitinase is an enzyme that will dissolve chitin. The exoskeleton of bugs is made of chitin, so obviously they don't want to inhabit an area where their skeletons will get dissolved! Insects have various detection mechanisms to determine the level of chitinase in plants and soil. Once the chitinase level is high enough, they will leave the area. Worm castings test with a very high level of chitinase-producing organisms.
    • Tests show they make the plants not only less attractive to pests but also can decrease their reproductive rates. Live worm castings also totally suppressed plant pathogens such as PythiumRhizocroniaPlectosporiumVerticullium in university plant trials.                                                                      
  • Micro-organisms in our worm castings restore the soil's natural nutrient release cycle by breaking down soil organic matter. Through the use of bio-fertilizers like worm castings healthy plants can be grown while enhancing the sustainability and the health of the planting soil.    
  • Bacteria and Fungi take nutrients from the planting medium which are “non-available” (meaning plants can’t absorb them) and retain the nutrients in their bodies as they grow. Their waste products (from the decomposition of plant material or residues) also retain those nutrients in non-leachable forms. As the bacteria and fungi die their breakdown releases soluble, or plant-available, nutrients, making them usable for your crops.
  • Humic and Fulvic acid materials extracted from vermicomposts have been reported in university research papers to produce auxin-like cell growth and nitrate metabolism in plants and have also proven superior for plant uptake when compared to regular compost humates or bottled liquid humate fertilizers.
  • Bio-fertilizers add nutrients through the natural processes of nitrogen nitrification, nitrogen fixation, solubilizing phosphorus, and stimulating plant growth through the synthesis of growth-promoting substances. Bio-fertilizers can be expected to reduce or even eliminate the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in many cases.
  • Our Castings Produce Results!